The Lync Directory exists to enable federated organisations to find and connect with each other using Lync and OCS. Lync is a superb enabler of collaboration, and federation extends that collaboration beyond your own organisation.

Who? What?

The Directory was established and is maintained by Julian Bee, a Lync MVP and Microsoft PSSP at Provoke Solutions, in New Zealand. The Directory is an independant site created to serve the Lync community. It is in no way affiliated with Microsoft (though I hear they like it), and the information collected is used for no other purpose than to display the information you see on this site.


The Directory started life as a short blog post, as I had recently implemented federation and was surprised how hard it was to find other people to federate with beyond simply word of mouth. The idea appeared to have merit, as a couple of others started similar regional lists shortly afterwards, but over the following weeks it became clear to all that having seperate country lists in a globally connected world was somewhat counter-productive, hence, here we are.

Is This Safe?

Nothing in the Directory is what you could really consider 'secure' information. With the exception of the SIP syntax, all other information can easily be gained by way of a couple of public DNS lookups and certificate queries. The SIP syntax can usually be guessed based on publicly visible email address formats.

How Do I Get Listed?

If you'd like to list your organisation, please complete the short registration form. Updates will appear immediately (however are vetted regularly to ensure accuracy of the Directory).

Update/Removal Process

If your organisation is listed on the Directory, and you would like it removed or updated, please raise a request via the following form.